Friday, April 8, 2011

REASON 4,511

So I've been busy since getting out of the hospital and getting rid of all my strings.  I have work, and friends and family, and all those projects I have... 

But I was thinking about the person who still isn't talking to me because of HALLOWEEN - and I thought I'd post reason 4,511 why I can't be around my trigger.  He knows that I have problems with him, and yet he says things like this:
I havn't heard anything. If you need a guy to make out with to make him jealous though Im sure you could find one, at the very least id probably be willing to help you out :P

Um, I try not to swear in my blog, but seriously, fuck this kid.  This was awhile ago - but with the awesome new facebook "see every conversation you've ever had with this person" feature, I came across this.  Fabulous.  

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