Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catch Up

This post is to catch up from the Paul Simon concert until today. 

I know some people have wondered "Where has Carla been?"  For the most part, the answer is "with my boyfriend, Dan."

The day after the Paul Simon concert I went to Illinois for my grandmother's funeral.  Dan came with me.

For Thanksgiving Dan and I went to Michigan to visit his parents.

We threw a Christmas party the weekend before Christmas and moved a lot of my stuff into Dan's house.

Over Christmas we went to New Orleans with my parents and brother.

We spent a weekend in Milwaukee in January.

Dan and I went to Florida to visit his grandparents and to go on a cruise.  It was fantastic.

Dan's grandmother passed away the week after we got home from the cruise so we flew to Philly for the funeral.  

The day after we got home from Philly, demolition on our kitchen started and I ended up in the hospital for two weeks.  After the hospital I spent a week with my parents to avoid the dust from construction. 

After a month away, I came home last Sunday, but it doesn't stop there!  In the next month we need to get everything from my old house to the new one and put everything away (while the kitchen construction continues).  All this is to prepare for our new PUPPY who comes home the last weekend in April (after I attend my best friend's bachelorette party).

Can I breathe yet?  

All together I weigh almost 20 pounds less than I did in November, live in a different house, and have a very different life than I did this time last year.  Overall, I am extremely happy!!!

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