Monday, October 11, 2010


I have had a few awesome conversations recently.  Have fun!

The mind of a five-year-old:

Maddy: Do you still have your tattoo?
Me: Yep!
Maddy (exasperated): Ah, when is it going to wash off!?!
Me: Never, it's a special forever tattoo, remember?
Maddy: FOREVER? Like, even when you're 69?
Me: Yes Maddy, it'll still be there when I'm 69.

This made me think, "Ew.  My tattoo will be all wrinkly and weird when I'm 69.  But I will still want it there."  And I figure that's the point - if you still want the tattoo when you are wrinkly and it is wrinkly and unrecognizable, then the tattoo was worth it.  I'm thinking of a second tattoo - and I can't decide.  What I really want is big and complicated.  A simple version is just the word "Breathe."  I'd really like to have a vine intertwined in the letters and a rose at the top, and on each leaf and/or petals have the first initial of each of my angels - CF and otherwise, possibly living angels too.  But that is a lot of people.  An INCREDIBLE number of people.  I think I'd have to limit it to my angels who are no longer living.

Again, with the five-year-old:

Maddy: What are you doing?
Me: Knitting.
Maddy: What's that?
Me: I use yarn... this string stuff is called yarn, to make things like scarves and sweaters.  This is going to be a scarf. 
Maddy: Oh.

Two minutes pass...

Maddy: Are you done knitting yet?
Me: No honey, knitting takes a long time. 
Maddy: Like a day?
Me: Sometimes, but sometimes many days.
Maddy: I don't like knitting.

Five minutes pass...

Maddy: Are you tired of knitting yet?
Me: No, kiddo, I really like knitting.
Maddy: I don't like knitting.

We were watching a movie, so I thought I'd work on a scarf pattern I've been wanting to try. And while I'm talking about knitting - I took photos of many things I have knit, so hopefully I will be posting those on the craft blog soon.  ALSO, I have scrapbook photos, and I should take photos of the shoes I just put sequins on for Halloween.  They turned out better than I expected!!!

This is possibly the most random conversation I have ever had - if you can even call it a conversation.  It's an online conversation between me and a friend from high school.  His parents were family friends, so I knew him when I was really young.  This is all that was said:

R: Purple?
Me: Orange?
R: Muave?
Me: Burnt Sienna?
R: Aqua marine.
And then he signed off...

I think that conversation is even more random and unintelligible than most of the conversations I have with my 2-year-old nephew.  Luca is more clear with what he wants to talk about.  

Last night Luca was here and again he asked, "Where Gammpa Buce?" and "Where Gammpa Buce go?"  I love that he loves my dad.  I loves that he calls him "Grandpa" because I don't know if I or my brother will ever have kids of our own.  It's hard to explain to him that he doesn't live with me - that he just comes to visit a lot.  
I love conversations that make me laugh :-)

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