Friday, August 29, 2014

My Life Story, Abridged

I'm really tired of this dance I have to do with my CF clinic.  I don't know what else to say, other than that.  My parents and I have always had to dance with the CF clinics in one way or another.  My best CF clinic was the pediatric clinic at UW Madison, but eventually we had to dance with them too.

I'm just so fed up and annoyed because being sick is hard, and then dealing with doctors and clinics is hard.  I would rather just do things on my own and not deal with doctors at times, because they and their staff make my life more difficult.

This is the story of my two week dance (thus-far) with my current clinic:

Last Tuesday I called CF clinic because they had never scheduled my follow-up appointment from my hospital stay and it has been a month.  I requested to do PFTs locally and go from there.  I got a call on Wed. saying my doc is out of town, but the NP would like to see me in clinic. I don't really like her because she's been rude to me about a couple issues, and I would prefer to wait to see my doctor. They gave me orders to do PFTs locally, so I was mildly content.

Friday I do my PFTs locally and am not happy with the results... I don't hear anything from clinic.

Called CF Clinic Monday because I felt horrible - knew it was allergies, wanted an Rx for Prednisone and my doc's opinion.

Missed a call Tuesday from my NP, but she said she'd call me back.  She didn't.  I left a msg with the RN - but she NEVER EVER calls me back.

Wednesday, nothing. I started leftover Prednisone and within a couple hours was feeling better.

Thursday, nothing.  Felt much better, and still have no idea what my doc thinks.  Don't really care now.

Friday (today) - it's going to be a 3 day weekend and I still haven't heard from clinic.  I also am going to Europe in about 20 days, and I'd like their opinion on some stuff - like, what the plan should be. I call and leave a passive aggressive message for the RN because she's the bane of my existence.
It may have included "Well, I know you're probably not going to call me back, but it would be AWESOME if you could this time."

Doin' what I have to do, whether I have support from my docs or not, since 1986.  What can I say? I'm still here!

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Nicole Gagnon said...

lol... it seems to me that most people over age 25 with CF know more than most CF docs. Just sayin.

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