Sunday, June 21, 2009


Dear Firepersons,
Would you mind turning off your lights? They are all blinky and keeping me awake. You probably don't know, but I'm crazy. My PTSD is bad and I don't need all your blinky shit keeping me awake - especially since I am also in a fuckton of pain from my sinuses.

That's right. Less than a month after surgery and I have unbearable pain again. I know that this is what Percoset (I can't spell; quiet y'all) is for. I just don't like to drive while I'm taking the strong junk, and my little bro is only here for a couple more weeks. The fact he is trying to end up a productive member of society by going to college is totally interfering with my plan to have him take care of me and be my personal assistant for the rest of my life.

I'm also having some trouble telling what's real and what was a dream. Like whether or not my mother grew to about eight feet tall and demanded $25,000. This whole reality thing can be soo confusing.

So please turn off the blinking outside my house. That would definitely solve all my problems. Thanks.

Your Friend,

-- Post From My iPhone

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