Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Week

This is going to be one of those boring posts where I talk about my life.

I love living my life. It's a really fun thing to do! Have you ever tried living your life? I hope you're having as much fun as I am!

Now I will stop talking like a Dr. Seuss book.

This week I worked 17 hours. Can you believe it? I did it. I survived. I'm also talking as if this week were over and it's only Thursday. Today I took a total day for myself and stayed in my PJs all day. I took naps when I needed it and ate stuff. I didn't overeat- I'm just getting the hang of this "diet" thing, AND I'm starting to lose weight, so I don't want to jinx any of that.

I really enjoy that the hardest part of my day is deciding what to eat so I stay in my "allotted number of calories" for the day. I really miss my friend Eab at this point - she was really good with this stuff. She knew Weight Watchers like the back of her hand. I could use her guidance. Except I don't cook. So that limits my foods, somewhat. Fruit bars are great. And cheese sticks.

I feel like I let down a friend tonight by not showing up for something - but I also feel that he is a big boy and can survive on his own. How do you think I got to know everyone there? I showed up by myself often - because at the time I couldn't get these exact friends to go with me. And I really needed a night at home.

My mother called today to yell at me about something. I didn't get to the phone on time, so I just got the voicemail. I'm really glad I didn't answer the phone. I feel bad enough, and all I heard was the voicemail. I think I have a "no answer" policy if my mother ever calls again. And she will, if only to yell at me more. Thus, the "no answer" policy.

Lately, I feel like a real human being. I feel successful and capable, responsible and self-confident. All those things everyone has seen on the outside for all these years, I'm starting to feel that way on the inside. Some of it is the treatments I'm going through to help my pain issues, and some of it is I'm rid of most of the anxiety my mother causes. Yes, I just admitted that in a blog entry. On the Internet. For the WORLD to read.

Now if only I could write about it in my personal journal, maybe I'd make some leaps and bounds in progress.

So things are good. My main complaints are that food has too many calories, and the guy upstairs makes too much noise. By the way, if you happen to be the guy living above me, your music is too loud. Your surround system is TOO LOUD. Your patio door is TOO LOUD. Your shower makes it sound like the ceiling is going to cave in on me. Your subwoofer shakes things in my house. You go to bed too late. Your noise keeps me up at night. And in the morning, if you could NOT walk while you get ready for work, that'd be great. Your walking wakes me up. Thanks.

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