Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You Are My Sunshine

Dear Internet,
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... Not really, but it is severely nice to be sitting at my desktop computer using the INTERNET. The one that connects to the outside world and does things OTHER than bring emails to my phone and send twitter messages FROM the phone to the internets, where I ASSUME they are published. But only if I'm in a good reception area.

My brother keeps telling me I need a new modem, but I SWEAR I'll keep limping along with this one until I can no longer get it to work EVER, and then I will buy a new one. Then I will unpack it, and glare at it because it is not working until my brother comes to plug it in. Mainly, because it is dusty under my desk and why get dirty when I don't have to? Once Darin plugs the new thing in I will jump and giggle and probably post about my new found ability to do all sorts of things on the internet, like listen to music, download it, watch TV and movies, and read all those Mommy blogs I have been missing.

Kate Gosslin, you may just have to be my connection to the Mommy Blog world until I get my internet-skilled brother to hook me up again, literally. (If you didn't know, Kate Gosslin is going to host a week of The View. Why? I don't know. But I'll be watching! But I always wonder where those 8 cute kids are when she's all over TV.)

This is all I've got right now. The INTERNET IS CALLING.... mainly that part that fills my brain with new music!

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