Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Up too late

So I'm up too late. I should be sleeping because I babysit at 9am. But while I was in the shower, I was able to work on extracting a booger. Yes, I'm talking about boogers now.

I could feel this booger causing pressure, but I didn't know how to get it out. Rinsing my nose hadn't budged it, so I decided to dig around and mine me some boogers.

I was pretty sure this booger was in that little space straight back in your nose - the space you can barely reach with your little pinky because that's the only finger that fits. Well this booger was there - but so far back I could barely touch it - and I've got long nails.

So it's me, versus the booger. And when I say booger, i know most of you are thinking the consistency of snot. But in order for something to cause that much pressure, it's more the consistency of rock. So i'm rooting around poking at the pressure-causing rock booger and I'm not getting anywhere. It's frustrating. I've been blowing out my nose as hard as I can to see if it will move forward just enough for me to grab the edge so I can pull it out, but this booger ain't budging.

I stomp my foot in frustration as I blow out my nose, and when I stick my finger back in to continue my vain attempt to dislodge this thing I notice it has moved! Not much, but I can almost grasp the edge to pull it out. So this time as I blow out my nose as hard as I can, I jump up and down, and what do you know? I free the damn thing. It shoots out my nose into my hand.

I am so proud- and my head feels better too! Because I'm so proud, and just to show you how incredibly large this SOB was, here is a photo of the biggerst booger I've ever gotten out sans surgery. Enjoy.

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Chris S. said...


tdraxler said...

Ok, I can change my kid's MicKey button, complete with leaking stomach contents; deal with her pancreatic insufficient/"oops, not enough enzyme" poops; and breathe right through her hellacious farts...but THAT, my dear, made me gag and throw up in my mouth a little bit. Thanks for sharing. Glad you finally got it out. I will say that Emily sometimes just DIGS for like, an hour, and she is always SO proud of what she gets out. Sometims she doesn't want to throw it away! You cf'ers are strange!

gahitstoni said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I nearly threw up I was laughing so hard. Did you spread that thing out?!?!

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