Monday, January 10, 2011

Daily Updates

I'm doing well. 

I want to write about my job, my weight, my feelings on life and death, and other assorted things, but who has the time???

I just wanted to quickly post a couple things:

Kyra, from has a wonderful blog about Gravestones and related topics - and I find her writing beautiful.  This entry especially:

I think I want to work on my book again... and I think I should make Chris and Kyra the editors.  Because they are both wonderful writers and know me so well.

But first, I'm going to finish my brother's quilt in my 'spare' time.  See the craft blog for that post! 


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Chris S. said...

Ha! Kyra? I edit not only her posts on our journal, but the posts on her new site, too. But that's just syntax, grammar, and the layout really.

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