Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update on Me

I've been busy.  Too busy at times, but I love being busy.

I've been thinking a lot lately - about my blog, my book and my personal journal.  I want to write more.  The more I write the better I write.  If I write more I will eventually stumble upon and say something profound. 

A couple days ago I read a post on a different CFer's blog, and it brought me to tears.  She wrote about losing many CF friends recently - and it reminded me of the year I lost 8 in just as many months.  She wrote about losing her best friend, and I cried for her and for me.  I miss having CF friends, and at best I have CF acquaintances.   I want friends again.  I want to be able to share and talk about how we deal with this disease. 

Since I've been healthier I've avoided my CF friends, ignored my blog, and dropped out of online CF communities - communities I used to be such a big part of.  Part of me ignored it all because if I'm not involved I'm not dealing with CF every day.  And I want to be able to ignore my CF and pretend it's not there.  But I can't and I need the support from my cysters and fibros (terms I'm not sure I like... I prefer CFers). 

So here I am, wanting to blog more, wanting to post more in the CF groups on Facebook, and chat with my fellow CFers.  I'm back and I'm not hiding my CF anymore.  Like a friend of mine said yesterday, "We're all in this together!"

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