Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Road To Better

I do believe I'm finally on the road to better. YIPPEE!!!

Right this moment I feel better than I have in months!!! It's actually hard to believe I feel okay... and harder to believe that it might last!

Now, this is not to stop people from using this med, I'm sure it worked fine for some other people, but for me Spiriva was probably one of the most harmful drugs I have ever been on. It's a bronchodialator (opens up the airways) but it looks like it gave me paradoxical bronchial spasms (instead of opening the airways it seemed to close them. Oops).

That explains the increased heart rate, the inability to keep my O2 saturation up, the exhaustion, etc. etc. etc.

I have stopped the Spiriva, and already I'm feeling better. It looks like the Spiriva prevented me from coughing up the nasty stuff in my lungs, therefore making me worse. I may need to do another round of IVs, but after that and when the Spiriva finally completely clears my system I should be able to wean myself off the O2 and get back to normal. Thank God.

To answer a previously asked question: I don't have a specific pulse oximiter in mind, but I need to find one that works well on diabetics b/c I'm diabetic. The hospital/clinic should have prescribed one or let me borrow one while I'm figuring this O2 stuff out. I would like my own so it's mine forever because I know someday I'll run into this problem again.

I'm hopeful tonight because things are looking up. This afternoon I was sad and unhappy because I still felt so awful, but I started to cough stuff up this evening and I'm feeling much better.

Tomorrow I will go to clinic and have PFTs done just to make sure I don't have a bad lung infection - if I do I'll do more IVs at home. If not, I'll just stay home and cough stuff up and keep getting better while the Spiriva clears my system :-)

Clinic called today and my echo cardiogram (that's what it's called - I was confused the other night and wrote "cardio echo gram") was completely normal. My parents were very worried about that - I don't think the severity of an abnormal one had hit me yet. It would be very bad had the Spiriva done heart damage, but mine is fine!!! I'm glad I don't have to worry about another damaged organ!

It feels so amazing to maybe finally getting better! I hope I stay on the road to better and don't get lost again!!!

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Toni B! said...

I'm so much happier now! I've been keeping my parents updated with your progress and I'm glad that I can now tell them that it's finally looking better!


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