Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Appointment Scheduling

Today I showed up for my 9 am appointment and was told it was actually scheduled for 10 am. I know I wouldn't have done this because I originally had a 10am appointment across campus. And I have an 11 am appointment Hella far away from where this appointment is.

I hate scheduling appointments.

I now will sit in this waiting room freezing my ass off when I really want to be in my bed. Did I mention the waiting room smells like severe BO? Because it does.

I love trying to fix my crazy.

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Kellee said...

Ahhh this 1 time we had a appt. at cf clinic for 10:30 and at 11:45 we were still sitting so I went and asked what the hold up was and she informed me our appt was not until 2:50!! Even when we showed our appt card that said 10:30 she still insisted that we were not correct and that must be an old card. Grrr

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