Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who I Am

I may not always know exactly who I am but I know who I am not.

I am not The Girl With CF. Your Friend With CF. That Person With Cystic Fibrosis.
Describe me any other way you want, but don't point me out as the one with CF.

Because I am so much more. Call me any of those other qualities.

Call me smart, brilliant, radiant, depressing.
Call me pretty, ugly, sweet, or even bitchy.
Nerdy, out-going, social, bubbly.
Honest, not honest, creative, aggressive.
Dependable, irresponsible, punctual, flighty will do.

Tell them I love children.
I love music and dance.
I quilt, sew, scrapbook and knit.
I'm a film buff. And I even love the bad ones.
Tell them I'm stylish, addicted to purses, and I love me lots of shoes.

I have red hair, or brown hair, or hair that gets cut once a year.
I have green eyes. And I always wear glasses because I'm too irresponsible to wear contacts.
I'm organized but not neat. Clean but not exactly immaculate.
I'm chunky, not-quite thin, not athletic.
Even stacked, easy, arrogant and selfish are better ways to describe me than to use my CF as a defining quality.

Tell them I am human.

First tell them who I am, and then tell them I've got a little bit wrong with my genes.

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