Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Hope The New Couch Comes With Yarn Storage

My mom and I special ordered a couch for my house. I call it the New Couch. It is scheduled to arrive in late April - 12 weeks from when we ordered it. This is a little glimpse into the world of waiting for the New Couch.

First, I have too much furniture. Not only too I have too much furniture, but I'm itching for more. Not really itching for more furniture in particular, but itching for more space to PUT more furniture. And more furniture would be handy to store the copious amounts of stuff I already have. Like Yarn.

Specifically, I want a craft room. So much of my stuff is craft related. I scrapbook, make art w/ paper and photos, and make greeting cards. I also do many other paper-related things. I have lots of paper. I knit. A lot. Therefore I have more yarn than any human should own. I sew. Mainly things with straight lines, like quilts, but I'm going to try and venture out into all kinds of sewing and get more serious about quilting. I'm currently working on a quilt - quilting it by hand, and I'm in love with it. I love the hand quilting.

Anyways, I feel I need a room to keep all this stuff so I can be more productive and less disruptive to the decor of the rest of my place. This has caused me to look at houses. Something I could never afford. Ever. My parents own my place and I pay them rent. So buying a house would consist of convincing my parents I need a new place - and we JUST finished re-doing my current place. When pigs fly, Carla. When they're flying.

So this post is about the chaos the New Couch thing has caused. My New Couch is arriving today. As in TO. DAY. Not the end of April like I was expecting, but TODAY. I'm freaking out. Excited. And scared that I won't like it, or that it's too big, or that it won't fit through the door. Seriously, that's a major concern. So much so that my mother suggested I move all furniture within a two mile radius of the door and where said New Couch is going to go.

I've also had to figure out how to get rid of the OLD couch and chair and ottoman. Craigslist. Done. Easy peasy. Except they aren't coming to pick it up until tonight, which causes the slight issue of WHERE DO I PUT IT UNTIL TONIGHT?!?!?

So last night my friend Chris (from came over even though I told him not to. Apparently he and Kyra read my blog. And I was very happy to have the help. We moved furniture and I thought I would move a few things this morning and vacuum and then be done. Not quite.

Today, after my mother suggested a thousand more pieces of furniture that should be moved, I moved them. Half of my living room looks like an antique shop where all the things are piled on top of each other and you have to dig to find a good item. The other half is empty. And then after I moved even more furniture, I vacuumed. I don't vacuum. Vacuuming is the devil. It sucks out all my air and energy at once and then I sleep for days. But today, I'm vacuuming because today is the day the New Couch arrives.

And now I'm just waiting for at least one more hour for the New Couch to arrive. Later I will post photos from my phone of the chaos, the old couch, and the New Couch.

All this waiting gets me thinking. It was so easy to sell my couch on Craigslist, what else can I sell??? I have too much furniture - I should SELL IT! Only problem there? All that furniture is where I keep my yarn.

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Chris S. said...

From what I've seen, the computer room is kind of a repository for stuff. Maybe you should convert that into a craft room. Move the computer and piano somewhere else. Get rid of the bed. Then you could have a table and a dresser or something for craft supplies.

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