Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Golden Birthday

Two of my FAVORITE people on the planet have had golden birthdays recently.  I feel bad because I think I forgot to say awesome things on my blog about my awesome brother on his golden day, so here are the awesome things about TWO AWESOME PEOPLE.

Happy Golden Birthday, Darin (a little bit late).  I know we went to Vegas, and I threw you a party here, and I told the world on Facebook how awesome you are - but I didn't say anything nice here.  And this is the place you never read, so it's SUPER important.  Right.

My brother means the world to me.  He's one of my very important rocks.  He's brilliant, and funny and can be amazingly flamingly gay.  The last one is one of my favorite qualities in my brother.  That, and that he hangs up on me on the phone on a regular basis.  Seriously.

If you interrupt his thought at all he gets mad - which can be funny.  But overall, he's sweet when he's told to be.  He does my laundry when I tell him to.  He pushes my wheelchair when we travel.  He makes me laugh - and he could make you laugh too.  And if I told him to, he'd come here to read the nice things I've just written about him - because he's that cool of a kid.

I'm unbelievably proud of him.  Going to college - going to FINISH college!  An internship! A possible job!  Things I couldn't do.  And sometimes he cares about the world too!  When we were young he was obsessed with turning the lights off to conserve energy, and last year (on his birthday) he had a big exhibit of photos and some speakers for an event on Family Diversity.  I was so proud I cried.  

I Love You, Dar-Dar!  Let's go to New York sometime, k? K.

And the second person with a Golden Birthday is my best friend, Kyra.  (Yes, the one whose anniversary was yesterday). 

Kyra is a wonderful wife, mother and best friend.  She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever known.  She glows inside and out.  I love that she (and her husband, Chris - I could say many nice things about him, too, but it is not his birthday today) includes me in her life as much as she does.  She always thinks of me and includes me in activities that for most young families, are just a Mom-Dad-Baby activity.

I usually eat dinner at their house at least once a week - and not just because Kyra is an AMAZING cook.  I think her turkey meatloaf might be my favorite.  OR maybe the turkey she made for Christmas.  Yes, Christmas.  I should write about that -  I didn't know if I was going to have somewhere to go for Christmas, and in less than a second Kyra said that I could spend it with them.  I loved spending Christmas with Kyra, Chris, and Luca.

Now to talk about what a wonderful Mom Kyra is.  She works full time.  And she cooks and cleans and raises her little boy and still finds time for her husband and me.  I can't believe I'm included in that sentence.  But I am and I'm so grateful for it.  Kyra has the cutest son in the world.  Luca.  My honorary nephew.  Most of the time, I leave out the honorary because Kyra is like a sister to me.  I love her that much.  I love watching her take care of Luca.  The other night they made muffins together - and I had to take photos and video, it was THAT adorable. 

I just can't say enough nice things about this woman.  She has changed my life and made it better.
One last thing about Kyra, though: She works really hard and I believe she needs more time for herself. 

So, let's have a spa day sometime soon, k? K.


You can find more about Kyra at http://kyrachris.com/

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