Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clean Closet

My closet is CLEAN.  C. L. E. A. N.  Can you believe it?  ALL of my clothes (minus the ones that need washing...) have a home.  That's right, there are NO clothes on the floor.  They are all either in a drawer or hanging in my new beautiful closet. 

Okay, yes, the dining room is slightly more cluttered now, but not bad.  I have a bin of shoes and a huge bag of clothes to donate.  I have piles of clothes for my bonus siblings Kyra and Sarah. 

And I was so excited to call my parents and tell them about my new closet and how my clothes finally have a home and I can keep it this way... and my mother says, "Well, we'll see."  Because she has absolutely no faith in me whatsoever.  None. 

Honestly, I'm not making this up - if there's something that needs doing, my mother doesn't believe I can do it - BECAUSE I'M NEVER GOOD ENOUGH for her. 

So to give her the giant finger, I'm doing a million loads of laundry so everything that can be washed will be clean, and then PUT AWAY.  And I babysit this week, so I'm already doing more than my mom does in a week. 

She can bite me.  And accomplishing all this will make me happy.

A big THANK YOU to my bonus brother Chasie - you are the best.  And even though you made fun of my stuff the whole time, you got it all done.  I love you.  My closet is functional.  (Photos to come).


Chris S. said...

Yes, the closet is awesome. He did a great job!

Janelle said...

Hehe. Good work, Carla. Your post made me laugh. Miss you! Have fun babysitting and enjoying the cleanliness. And eat some babcock ice cream for me sometime. Or maybe some Culver's. I recently discovered a malt place out here that's pretty decent, though.....

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