Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dating, or Lack Of Dating.

Here is a great reason I'm not having success with the online dating thing.  Here is one man's profile.  It's so absurd I just had to post it.  This man is 46 and lives in my state - but 46 is too old for me.  He contacted me, and I pretty much just ignored the email.  Here is why:

Tall, dark and handsome I am told by my kids! REALLY! Find out for yourself. I love to be spontaneous, daring and wild when the time permits. Honesty, truthful, faithfulness & good communication are the core for any relationship would you not agree? Someone that would compliment me as I would to her. My kids live with me full time. This is not the norm out there, yes I know! I would never change it for the world. They are my life! LQQKING for a lady to share my life with. They are getting older now and pretty much take care of them selves unless they need money! LOL! My almost 17 year old has three jobs and gets great grades. He loves his PS3 and Rock Band. Lets get to know each other then? I love the outdoors ie// sailing, roller blading, hiking, jet skiing (wave runner), fine wines, cooking, boating, fireplaces inside and outside, and most of all spending time with my family, kids and friends. We have a dog (St. Benard-Spinilli) & a cat. I simply love my job. I own my own company (two actually) and it allows me the freedom and flexibility to spend the maximum amount of time with my kids. I was born and grew up on the North Shore of Chicago. Yes, I am a flat lander at heart! My parents are both from Eroupe. To a Martini bar where the music is loud enough to hear and soft enough to talk to each other. A walk along the lake shore or out to the lighthouse up in Port Washington. I enjoy attending festivals, live bands, concerts, etc. Lets meet and see. I LOVE to cook Cajun, Thai foods myself as well as many other things. I have been told that I am a good cook! My best critics are my kids and they love my cooking. Not bad hey! I enjoy Boston Legal, CSI, Grey's Anatomy type of shows. I love to get up on Sundays and go to a coffee shop alone or with friends. I enjoy reading the New York Times a lot as well. Shall we meet there? !? !

Now, Bless Your Heart if you read that whole thing.  It's like his brain exploded on the keyboard and that is what came out.   Aaaand he comes with kids!  The youngest being 17!  I am in my early 20s.  Let's say it together "AWKWARD."


Jay said...

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Jose said...

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