Monday, July 26, 2010

A Few Things

This is a post where I write about a few things.  Goals, recent developments, etc.

First, I have been doing the 365project since around Memorial Day - all the photos are on my phone, but when I updated the software, I lost all the 365 data- like what days the photos went with and what I said about them.  That's frustrating.  So I'm starting again - and trying to reconstruct the last couple months.  This time I am backing it up on  Hopefully this will be good.  Once I get it all set up, I will post  the link to where you can see the lame photos I take with my iPhone :-)

I'm hoping to post some photos from my digital camera too, since it takes much better photos. 

Next, I have some goals:

Clean the house
Finish my quilt
Finish the two scrapbooks

That's about it for now, but that is what I want to do during August - and August is shaping up to be a VERY busy month!!!  I'll have to schedule days where I sleep all day, so I don't know when I'm going to schedule in all the cleaning I need to do!!! 

That's about it for this post.


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Alyssa said...

I like scrap booking. I started getting into it last year but there's a lot I still want to do. I know I'll be giving someone a scrap book for Christmas so I'll have a fun project to do.

If you don't mind my asking, what's the 365 project? It sounds interesting so I was curious.

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