Friday, April 24, 2009

Email and Calendar

Okay, so I know I need to post about more important things than this, but right now I'm stressed about this.


I currently use Mozilla Thunderbird for my email - which probably isn't smart. I should maybe just use Gmail itself, but I'm not sure. I currently have about 4,000 emails in my inbox (yeah, that number is CORRECT), so I'd have to sort them all and open them all and it'd be a disaster to get my gmail back in shape... but I'd have to do the same thing if I switch to Microsoft Outlook...

The reason I like Outlook is because of the calendar. I wand a calendar on my computer that is easy to use, has pretty colors for different kinds of events (like UWMBDA is all purple, babysitting blue, doctors are RED, and other is Yellow). Ideally I'd like to be able to sync it with the iPhone, because that's the whole reason I'd get an iPhone - so the internets and my day planner are with me at all times and I can carry a smaller purse.

I have dowloaded Mozilla Sunrise or whatever it's called - Sunbird? I don't know - whatever their calendar thingy is. And neither it nor Thunderbird will sync to the iPhone. GAR. But I don't think Google Calander will sync either... Does anyone know this for sure???

I'm so confused!!!

Maybe I should just continue to carry a huge purse, my giant day-planner with all my med and doctor info in it, and one or two notebooks for ideas... because that's what I'm doing now. *Le sigh*

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Chris S. said...

Google Calendar should definitely work on an iPhone. Here's a link:

You don't need to switch to using Gmail, either. Just log in to Calendar and use it separately. There is also a sync tool for Outlook:

So you could even use it with Outlook while still being able to see it online.

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