Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Uber Fail.

I don't know why I even attempt anymore. Every time I try I get outsmarted and fail. I hate laundry. Yes, my laundry outsmarts me. Shut up.

I started a load of laundry on Tuesday morning because I was feeling really good. I had done the dishes and thought "Hell yes! I can do some laundry!" And tonight - as of 11:40 pm on Wednesday, the laundry is still in the washing machine. Fuck.

I will probably move the whole load to a laundry basket before I go to bed, but I'm pretty sure the whole load needs to be re-washed. And I get winded putting the laundry in the washing machine.

Oh, and I'm out of Bread AND Milk.

Uber Life Fail.

...Let me know if you love laundry, or me, or both - both would be good. Then you could come do my laundry and tell me I'm not a failure at the same time. Or tell me I'm not a failure while I take an Uber long nap. And tell me again that I'm not a failure when I wake up four hours after I meant to wake up. And then maybe you should remind me again why I'm not a failure. And maybe you'll also pick up the rest of my crap and do the 2nd load of laundry. I would love you forever.

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Kyra S. said...

I would love to help you with your laundry, sadly my "leprosy" has returned. So now I have to go to the doctor/urgent care and convince them that yes, this is an infection, not contact dermatitis and yes, I do need antibiotics before I infect my six month old son who is constantly grabbing at my face and yes, if you make me wait another week for meds until its oozing and pussy and I have transmitted it to my son or husband I will bite your frikin' head off. *Sigh*

You're not a failure, laundry is hard. And four hour naps are totally acceptable. I would take one, but there is the obvious problem with that scenario. And apparently I fail at keeping myself healthy enough to not be constantly breaking out like this, so we can be failures together, K?

PS. Luca says you're not a failure at being his Auntie!

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