Monday, April 27, 2009

Hospital Time Again

Hello. This is my first update from this hospital stay. I haven't been in since last August, which is great!

I just got admitted today - I wanted to come in, but seeing how low my lung functions were, they didn't really give me an option either.

My weekend was busy - Baking all day on Saturday and then UWMBDA. I love my ballroom dancing. I slept all day on Sunday, and noticed a decrease in my lung abilities. Today, I couldn't breathe when I woke up.

So I came in.

So far - 7 tubes of blood :-) Maybe I'll try and keep a running count - but they sometimes draw in the middle of the night and I don't notice :-)


1 comment:

Tabitha said...

At first i thought you meant you coughed up 7 tubes of blood... haha... although giving 7 tubes of blood is the same it just comes out differently i guess :/

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