Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pity, Party of One

Hello everyone.

First, I would like to announce that TUESDAY is $5 TUESDAY - meaning we try to get as many $5 donations as possible. You can donate HERE. Or click on the box at the right.

2nd, the last two days have been kind of rough. I've spent most of both days sleeping, except for last night when I couldn't sleep and I spent the night watching "The West Wing."

These last couple days I've hated being alone. Even more than usual. I've been in a lot of pain that can't be explained, and I think I really would like some company to keep my mind off of it sometimes. That, and I'd like someone to cook for me since I have lost 10 pounds in the last two weeks. Did I mention that? Well I have now. So this evening I broke down and bought out the Panera so that I can have lots of yummies to eat over the next several days. Lots of yummies with lots of calories. I hate losing weight and I hate trying to gain weight. Both are hard.

The Dance Benefit for The CFF went well - we raised nearly $1,000 (that will be next year's goal!)! We probably could have passed $1,000 had I been feeling better and had I been able to work the table. Not that my friends didn't do a fabulous job. I am so grateful that I have such wonderful friends who are willing to help me out when I feel crappy. Because I felt really crappy. I had to go to a lounge and take a nap. Boo.

Let's see. I know I have other things to complain about. Well, I have lots of things to complain about in regards to the UW Hospital - the gossip, how the NP doesn't like me, how they think I'm over-opinionated (I'm only have strong opinions about the things I'm right about... like the Vest). The Vest doesn't work for me. I did it for nearly 2 years and my PFTs plummeted. I don't care if others use the vest, I just personally don't like it. I use it in addition to my manual chest pt - but I can't use it alone.

Plus there was a hullaballoo about the disabled parking tag - and I need to get mine renewed. *Phooee*. And there's some emotional stuff going on - at the hospital I feel like they don't care about us and don't see CF patients as people (see the upcoming "My CF BFF" - there will be more details about all of this in that post). And my mother is making plans to move to NM when I die.

It's been a fun few days.

And that was my little Pity Party. I'm done now and READY FOR $5 TUESDAY!!!

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gahitstoni said...

The vest doesn't work for me either! I tell my docs that and they just say to huff and do lots of clearance instead if I refuse to use the vest!

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