Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life in Fragments

I don't feel I have time to write a complete blog post.  So here is one in fragments...

Loving life.
Doing some volunteer secretary work and dance training.
Taught first ballroom dance class - the waltz.  Went well. LOVE it.  Born to teach.  Thought someday I'd teach chem; teaching dance more fun, less work.

Loving Luca - cutie who has stolen my whole heart.
Love being MoH for best friend's wedding... planning things is so much fun!
Doing dishes, laundry, knitting, quilting, knitting, dance, try to write but pretty much fail.
Halloween my favorite.  Had great time dancing and partying.  Was Queen of Hearts - so great!

Looking into small O2 concentrators so I can travel - nothing going to hold me back.  Going to live my life fully and fun. 

Thanks fam and friends for making my life wonderful.

The end.

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