Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks on Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving. Usually I love to post all the things I am thankful for and talk about them, but this year I'm not feeling completely thankful. I'm struggling with depression, which i hope is just situational because of the trouble with my mom and my friend.

But i am thankful. I have some of the most amazing people in the world supporting me through all this. I have a wonderful job (that I need to blog about), and i have my miraculous health. I'm not completely healthy, but I'm much better than i was, and that is wonderful.

I have a nephew who fills my heart with joy no matter how sad i am. I have my bonus siblings - Chris, Kyra, Sarah, and Chase, and i have my unwavering rocks, my brother, Darin, and my dad.

I can't express how thankful I am for these people. They give me faith in the world and faith in myself. And maybe that's what I'm most thankful for - my ability to have faith in myself even when I'm being attacked. My faith in myself definitely wavers, and I'm so thankful to have wonderful friends, family and a great therapist who build me back up when I fall over.

And I'm sort of tipped over today, but I have people who love me surrounding me and reminding me why I love myself.

And I have Luca-Bug. Who wouldn't be thankful for this?

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are all as lucky as I am. I hope you are in good health and surrounded by people who love you for you.

-- Carla's on the go! Post from her iPhone.

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