Monday, September 13, 2010

Diary of a Trip Home

Today I am on my way home. I'm going to update with thoughts as I go.

•SkyCabs are awesome. And sooo nice! Checked in so easily! And now on my way to security!!!

•Through security at 10:10. My flight is at noon. I thought this would take much longer!!! Next step - getting to the gate!

•Got to the gate, asked about pre-boarding. Woman was short and curt with me, and then she was just mean. She questioned the number of items I am carrying on - one is my meds. I can't check that and I won't. No one has ever hassled me before. They are usually very nice to me because I'm a special needs flyer! She was telling me I had time to consolidate and I panicked. First not fun event of the day.

•I want to see if my flight is overbooked and see if I can get on the waiting list to take a later flight. I love me some travel vouchers!

•I checked on the voucher thing, and the flight isn't full. Sad Panda. And I'm probably going to miss my flight in Memphis. Boo.

•Time to read, write and maybe knit a little.

I'll update again later!!!

-- Carla's on the go! Post from her iPhone.

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