Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making the Serial Killers Mad

Oh what a day! And it's only 9:20am.

I woke up at 6am - a little earlier than I needed to, but I like to get things done in the morning before I go to work.  I was looking through a basket where I keep miscellaneous hostess gifts, when suddenly I had no more light.  I was a dufus and couldn't figure out who turned the light out on me... and then it hit me:  The Power Is Out.  Why was this a big deal?  Well one, it's raining/cloudy, so I get no sun to make my house have some light.  I can't have toast for breakfast.  I can't use my microwave.  And worst of all, I don't have enough light in the bathroom to take a shower or do my makeup.  So I'm a grungy mess with a bandana in my hair... that part will come later. 

So during the time I usually watch a little TV or blog or read stuff on the internet, I am without power and knitting by candlelight.  I got one row done in 20 minutes.  The Dress of Doom is going to take FOREVER.  See my craft blog for more on the DRESS OF DOOM. 

So now I'm driving to work.  I end up behind a car with a plastic head in the back window - seriously.  It looks like it could belong to a manequin or a crash test dummy, and it's definitely not a babydoll.  It's just a head rolling around in the back window.  I find this incredibly amusing, so at a stop light I pull out my camera and snap a few photos.  Then as I'm driving along I realize that the guy in front of me is taking photos of something behind him.  Hmmm.  I realize it's me, so I wave - grungy bandana and all.  Then he's sticking his arm out the window taking photos of me... and then he turns right and completely stops his car as I drive by to keep taking photos.  HE STOPPED IN TRAFFIC TO KEEP TAKING PHOTOS OF ME.  And because I'm related to my mother and I hear her jump to this conclusion all the time, my first thought is, "SERIAL KILLER!"  Oh my god, I just pissed off a serial killer.

I panic.

And then I calm down a little and assume it's NOT a serial killer.  But what the hell?  Is it an undercover cop?  With a head rolling around in the back window and a little blue camera?  And no laptop or uniform?  No.  So, it's just a creep... Did I do something wrong?  I just took a couple photos - and for all he knows I could have been taking photos of the sky.  Duh.  Is that illegal?  Maybe not the best idea while driving, but it was at a stoplight.  So, he's just a creep... a creep with my face and my license plate.  Is he going to report me to the cops?  What will they do? I can tell them he stopped traffic to keep taking photos of me and was taking photos of the car behind him while driving.  That's definitely worse than the few photos I took.  Is he going to track down where I live and follow me for the rest of my life? 
Is he a serial killer?  Oh my god, I pissed off a serial killer.

I panicked just a little.  All before 8am.

THAT made my morning interesting.  Too interesting.  I have his license plate just like he has mine... But if he's a serial killer, I don't think that's going to help me much.  Might help the police though.  So I'll print off a photo and put it somewhere...

I arrived at work a little late because of traffic, and took the baby on almost an hour walk - which is perfect for me because I need the exercise.  Perfect for the baby because it entertains him.  I love taking photos of things on our walk because I love to take photos, but this morning I thought twice about it because you never know when you'll piss off a serial killer. 

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