Monday, September 27, 2010

The Return of Big Ugly

A long time ago - about three years, I wrote about first a home health company bringing Big Ugly to me, and then a couple months later taking him away.  Big Ugly was my first oxygen concentrator.  Big Ugly was just that - big, ugly, and also really noisy.  I hated that thing, but sleeping was better and eventually I needed O2 during the day as well, and then when my PFTs went up, they took Big Ugly away.  And I was Happy.

But I was also sleepy... for three years.  I have been The Queen of Sleep, She Who Sleeps A Lot, The One Who Is Always Asleep for about three years now - and it's gotten worse over the course of those years.  I have switched CF centers, and mentioned my sleepiness when I went to clinic a week ago.  They eventually (after several grueling days of knowing in my heart what I needed and not being able to get it right away) decided I need O2 at night. 

So Big Ugly returned... but this Big Ugly is less big, less ugly, and definitely less noisy.  AND I'm sleeping better!!!  I can take a one or two hour nap and feel refreshed.  I don't need four hour naps! (At least in the last 2 days... this is Day 3 of BEING AWAKE!)

And now I need to know what to do with all my extra time.  There are other reasons I have extra time, which are sad... and I'm going to have to find ways to fill my time.  For now, I am going to make myself a list to remind me how to pass the time.

1. I will walk 3 times per week - at least!  When it is nice out, I will walk outside.  When it is not, I can walk on the treadmill or play the Wii.  Hopefully this will help my lungs and with weight loss.

2. I will finish my quilt.  I will finish THE DRESS OF DOOM that I'm knitting, and I will finish the scarf I'm working on.  Then I will knit other projects.  -most of this knitting will be done while watching TV/Movies-

3. Blogapalooza! I will blog lots.

4.  I will write in my journal and my Letters to Luca journal.

5. I will host movie nights on Tuesdays... well Mondays or Tuesdays???  I don't know - this is a work in progress.

That's all for now - except my doctor wants me to find somewhere to volunteer or something to do.  Any ideas?


Hobbes said...

Do you have a bike of at least passable quality? It's a great way to get outside and exercise, and really easy to control how much work you're doing. And you have lots of friends who like to ride and would undoubtedly ride with you :D

Chris S. said...

As for volunteer work, I would check out the United Way of Dane County website. There are a ton of resources there. I heard about one opportunity where you just play with kids! I think it was called "Play N Learn" or something.

For the other activities, whatever you do, I would try to do many of them outside of your place. Even if it's just blogging, do it somewhere else. That will help to avoid feeling isolated all day.

I'll pretend I didn't see the thing about Luca. Maybe it's a surprise...? : )

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