Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pumpkins and Apples

Last Saturday was an amazing day! Chris, Kyra and Luca  met my parents and me at an apple farm near my house.  My goal for this year was to be with Luca when he got his first pumpkin - and he picked one out!  And after we were all exhausted from picking apples and pumpkins, we went for dinner. 

One of my favorite things was watching Luca interact with my parents.  He calls my dad "Gampa Buce" because 'r's are hard.  And of course, my favorite was saying goodbye and hearing him say, "I Love You."

I had so much fun watching him pick apples and eat apples and pick out a pumpkin - it's hard for me to put into words.  So here are some photos!

Luca's first bite of an apple he picked :-)

 My Cutie in the wagon
 Kyra and Luca headed towards the pumpkin patch
 Luca pets a goat
 Luca finds the perfect pumpkin!!! His FIRST pumpkin :-)
 Luca inquires about a troll in the store. 

I Love You, Bean!!!  Let's do this every year!!!

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