Saturday, November 22, 2008


I was putting on makeup today when my brother starts this conversation:

D: Carla, is that your natural skin color?
C: You mean, before the makeup?
D: Yeah.
C: Yes.
D: You look sickly.
C: I am sickly.
D: No, I mean you look dead.

So I'm a little pasty.

It then lead to these comments from Darin:

D: You buy makeup for black people just to look normal.

D: You should wear makeup for the dead, you know, if it weren't so harmful.
C: Why, so I can get that nice embalmed look?
D: You already have that embalmed look!
C: I do not!
D: You're right, you move around a little more.


careysue said...

Hey, I think pale skin is beautiful...look at the Chinese, they make themselves look white!

Rickie's really pale too...

Looks great!

Kyra S. said...

Yeah, in China everyone complimented me on how beautifully white my skin was. And you can't find a beauty product without whitening crap in it. So just tell Darin you're aspiring to be a Chinese beauty queen!

Chris S. said...

I've never thought you look pale or whatever. You're beautiful!

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