Sunday, November 16, 2008

On Lactation

So I'm in menopause, and I've noticed since my second shot that put me in menopause - wait, KEPT me in menopause - that I haven't been writing. I watch TV and sleep.

Last night I noticed when I itched my port milk came out of my breast. Interesting. Yes. When I pushed more I noticed much more milk. So much so that I called my father into the room to ask why the hell I would be lactating. He said probably the Leupron - the menopause med.

Today Dad looked up the menopause med, and less than 5% have lactation. So I'm in said less than 5%. 84% have hot flashes. Got those. Got those hot flashes hard core. I spend my days putting on and taking off clothing because I can't regulate my temperature.

The last reported "side effect" was a development of a personality disorder - which is impossible and my father and I had a good laugh over it. Mom, on the other hand said, "Well if she's got that she's now got a better personality!"

My mother enjoys my "I don't know what to do with myself" personality because I spend more time watching useless television with her. It's not even the television I want to be watching. I haven't seen last weeks Jon and Kate Plus 8 because she hates the show. How SAD. I've watched more HGTV than I care to admit - and yes, we watched Bull Riding. My mother LOVES the PBR - don't ask my why, I don't get it. At least last weekend was the PBR finals, so this weekend I didn't have to suffer through any of that.

I have no control over the television in my living room. At first I thought I had a little control, but now I've lost it. But my mother and I haven't fought yet - and she says it's because she likes my menopausal personality better because I don't spend most of my time on my computer. I actually miss being able to type clever things and post my favorite photos for the world to see. I miss my commentary on life - and I could have made some amazing commentary on the election. Oh well. Maybe I still will be able to.

I want to be laying on the couch watching MY TV. Instead, I'm in bed watching my Gilmore Girls DVDs, which I love - but I have seen 1,000 times.

I'm going to go focus on my swollen mammary glands until my mother leaves and I can curl up on the couch and watch all the shows she hates.

<3 Carla


careysue said...

That is so strange lactating on menopause meds!!
I had to be put in a false menopause before i had kids, It was hell!! I think worse than the real menopause I'm in now, so I feel for you!
Someone said menopause is like pre-menstrual on steroids!!!

Tabitha said...

why are you on menopause meds? Because of all that stuff w/ bleeding and the pain down there?

I hope the ivs are helping a little bit though...

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