Monday, November 3, 2008

How I Voted.

Again, I don't usually post anything political here, but I was on one of my CF groups and they were asking how everyone was voting. The main topics that were being discussed were health care, and a little bit about being pro-life/pro-choice and so I wrote:

"I already voted Obama. I wanted Hillary, but Obama is better than McCain. And don't get me started on that dumb bitch and the crap she keeps saying about her "special needs child." A parent should take responsibility and be MORE involved in the care of a special needs child, not accepting the VP nomination.

I think there are even more issues than those that have been discussed here. I'm pro-choice (not pro-abortion, but pro-choice. HUGE difference), anti-war, pro-national health care, pro-gay rights, pro Gay Marriage (not pro Civil union, but MARRIAGE. I'm actually ANTI civil union because it's not the same).

I'm pro embryonic stem cell research, anti-guns, pro immigration, pro-Life - in terms that every life is equal and deserves the same chance - which goes along with Anti-War especially since it's an unnecessary war and we were lied to at the beginning of it and now we have ruined a country and let Iran have more power, and I bleed blood so liberal it's blue.

My blood is so blue it longs to live in the EU."

I got a response from a friend wanting me to clarify me pro-choice/pro-life feelings - because I did say I was both. And I am. The explanation went something like this:

"I'm pro-choice because I feel every woman has the right to make decisions about her own body. I'm pro-life, but it has nothing to do with abortion - I believe that all our citizens should be treated like citizens - and gays should have the right to have a life just like straight people. They should be able to get married and have children. I believe in health care for every person - I don't have a plan that would work and I admit that, but health care - physical and mental health care - for everyone is the goal. I believe in the right to make decisions about your own body if you are in the end-stage of a disease.

I'm not a huge baby-killing fan, but I would never try and tell a woman what she should do with her body or her life.

I don't know - I view the choice thing like everyone has choices. You and I could decide to stop taking our meds. There are laws in place that say that if we are mentally stable, no one can force us to take our medication. So why should there be laws telling a woman she has to go through with an unwanted pregnancy - a pregnancy that will require vitamins and doctors appointments and to stop smoking and drinking, etc. And those things may not seem like a lot of life changes to us, because we always take pills and are always at the doctor, but for someone else those could be huge burdens. And yes, there is the adoption option, but I don't think it's right to force a woman to go through pregnancy and then labor and delivery.

Almost three weeks ago I was there when my best friend was in labor for 2 weeks, and then while she had contractions, and then when she pushed for 3 hours only to discover that the baby was stuck and she needed a c-section. I wouldn't wish that kind of pain upon anyone - and I think a woman has the right to choose if she wants to go through all that.

And that is how I feel."

That's why I voted for Obama last week.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Carla! I couldn't have said it better myself (and wow, we have basically identical political views...I knew I liked you!) I too, was for Hillary, and I too am voting Obama (but I'm doing it tomorrow).

I hope all is well with you.


gahitstoni said...

Ohhhh... Gotcha! Thanks.

Molly The Dog said...

I like the way you think. Keep posting about your life.

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