Saturday, November 22, 2008


sometimes it amuses me how little work i have to do to get someone to offer to sleep with me, and how rarely anyone wants to date me more than a week. i swear i'm really not that big of a bitch.

sometimes it amuses me how much i am willing to put into a relationship - how much i am willing to do for the other person. and sometimes it amuses me how little the other person wants to put in.

sometimes it amuses me that the other person withholds from getting emotionally involved with me because they expect me to have huge emotional demands, when i really just want someone to hold my hand.

sometimes it amuses me how scared people are of my disease. they think i will die tomorrow. i have at least 2 years people - they put you on the transplant list when they think you have about 2 years to live.

sometimes it amuses me how close i am to a group of people until i have to do two weeks of ivs. then they think i have fallen off the earth and forget about me.

and sometimes, i just want to punch someone


gahitstoni said...

At least 2 years? Baby girl you have far more than that. Maybe say... at LEAST 7 years! Then go for that goal because I know you are strong enough to.

careysue said...

I hear you and you know "sometimes" life just sucks!

You will meet the right person I just know. So, hang in there.

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