Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Good Stuff

I'm making a list. This list is the things I like about me. The good qualities, the things I do well, the things I do. I've mentioned before I have trouble defining myself - and writing this list may help me feel better about that. There are some other issues that I'm also having trouble with, and writing as many positive things as I can right before I go to bed should help... I hope.

*I love kids. Little kids make me really happy. They make me smile.

*I'm a good friend. I'm loyal and helpful and a good listener - even though I'm also a very good talker.

*I give advice that is practical, but positive.

*I am creative. I have decorated my place myself, and often come up with great crafts and projects.

*I'm good at knitting.

*I'm smart - even though I couldn't finish college, my IQ is higher than average and I have that common sense thing going for me.

*I'm dependable. I do what I say I am going to do - unless I forget, which is rare. Or if I'm sick, but that's different.

*I'm upbeat and happy most of the time.

*I like to look at the positive side of things.

*I think every person is equal to every other person.

*I have musical talent and good public speaking skills and I'm a good writer.

*I'm ambitious and self-motivated.

*I'm giving - if you need it and I can give it to you, I will. Especially if it is time or someone to listen to you.

*I love people. I love friends. I love meeting new people.

*I'm strong and resilient.

*I'm a good dancer.

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Chris S. said...

I agree! You're a great friend and listener. You know that though. :) And you're good at problem solving. You're also sensitive, in a good way, observant, and insightful. And don't forget beautiful. :)

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