Monday, January 19, 2009

New Things Coming...

So here is a glimpse of what I have planned...

My very. own. website.

...mainly b/c I want to set up a site for the knitting - which I'll probably explain more once everything is set up. But the blog will be linked to the site, info, etc. EXCITING.

Tonight I stumbled upon this. I clicked a link on my own page, and found the transplant site. Reading it calmed me - and for some reason, I just know that that is where I am headed. I think maybe I'm supposed to get a transplant eventually so that I can continue to fight for CF and organ donation and finally finish that silly book I'm writing.


Tiffany said...

love the idea of your own website. if u ever want to talk through your ideas, i'd love to listen.


tdraxler said...

Since you mentioned transplant, I thought I'd share this. Maybe you've seen it already.

This is the CB site for a Milwaukee area man who was transplanted at Froedert on Monday. He is a patient of Dr. Biller. He is doing very well, so far.

It probably won't post as a link, you'll have to cut and past, or whatever.

When do we get to see the knitting?


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