Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brought To You By The Letter Crazy

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to our show. In this evening's production of A Rant, the part of The Crazy Woman will be played by moi, your host.

The rank of the day is on dating.

I usually rant about my lack of it, but tonight I really don't care so much about that. I really am irked by the abundance of dating-like-things going on around me, and yet no one wants to call it dating.

There is no middle ground. Either you are dating, or you are not dating. It's like when recently one of my friends said she is "sort of sleeping with this guy." I asked her if she is or if she isn't, because this is a pretty black or white area. Either you have fucked him or you haven't. And if you don't know you have a whole different set of problems.

I think dating is like that. More of an on-off light switch than a dimmer. You can't be "dimly dating" - or maybe that's all that I ever do. Maybe that's my problem. All my relationships have been dim. I should think on this.

Life is way too short to not just jump in and stop playing games. If you like each other, please just date already and put the rest of us out of our misery. I am tired of asking if two people are dating and getting "sort of" as an answer.

What the hell? There is no "sort of" dating. It's a date, or it's not. You're together, or you're not.

Thank you. This rant is brought to you by the letter Crazy.

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