Monday, February 9, 2009

This one time, on Live Journal

Once I got into a huge fight with a friend over a LiveJournal post I made about stem cells. This was right at the time that Bush was fighting to get them all banned, and I was fighting to stop his attempts.

I had written several letters to the editor and was published in my hometown's paper, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Wisconsin State Journal, The Capital Times, and The Chicago Tribune. Needless to say, I was a pretty happy camper about my fighting that summer.

That summer my friend one day insisted that we have coffee. She went on to tell me that she was deeply disturbed that I support stem cell research because it is killing babies. She also interrogated me about my religious beliefs and afterward I wrote a nice piece called, "If Jesus Sent me A Polaroid." And it has all my pro-killing babies agenda in it. Thanks for all that wonderful inspiration.

All of this foolery caused me to ask myself and others, "If you force a stem cell to grow into a human heart, is that heart a baby?"

Today I listened to a podcast for the University of Melbourne in Australia. It was 15 minutes talking about how they are using stem cells to try and cure cystic fibrosis. In case you live under a rock like the people who think a stem cell is a baby, you should know that I have CF. It's killing me softly with it's song. I knew that eventually someone would come up with this idea of using stem cells to grow healthy lungs or fix the broken genes and go at it! And kudos to the University of Melbourne. Would anyone like to go there with me and investigate this wonderful research?

Hats off to those researchers who are still working with stem cells.
Hats off to President Obama to allowing more stem cell research so that we can catch up to where the rest of the world is in research.
No hats off to those of you who think stem cell research is killing babies. If this is really true, then I guess all I can say is "Hats off to killing babies!" We all know how much I love children. And we all know that pro-choice or pro-stem cells is not the same as pro-killing babies. So shut up and let me be happy about my Australian Stem Cell Research.

I'd be much happier if Bush had never been in office and allowed to limit stem cell research in the United States, but I'm happy that the research is being done SOMEWHERE.

Yay research! :-)

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Chris S. said...

Woohoo for research!

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