Monday, February 9, 2009


We all have heart. I suggest you follow yours.

That's what I did when I made the decision to make an appointment with a doctor at a different CF clinic. In my heart I felt that the way things are going at my current CF clinic isn't a good direction and that I need a new doctor or at least a new... well, something.

I will write later about the doctor and my expectations, hopes, and how all of them were met or exceeded. I'm hoping to update more than once a week and actually talk about the things I want to say.

Today I went to the adult CF clinic in Milwaukee, and I can do is gush about it. I have a huge crush on the CF clinic at Froedert, and I may end up having an affair with that clinic. I mean, how can you resist a clinic that has free oxygen in the waiting room? And not just free oxygen, but free muffins too.

This may be the beginning of me following my heart no matter what other people say.

Heart. I have one.

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