Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CF Update

Tonight was the CF Foundations annual update thingamaggiger. I learned not much new, except who I should call and complain about the adult clinic to.

But last week, it was announced that VX-809 is now in phase two clinical trials. Which is cool, but I decided I want some of that shit now. So my plan is to acquire some. Now. I will keep you posted as to how this goes.

After the update thingy, Lauren (my beautiful co-team leader for GREAT STRIDES), Erin (our beautiful nurse from the hospital), and I went to Perkins. And since Lauren is the greatest, we convinced our waiter to buy a button. If Sean can buy a button, than YOU CAN TOO!!! :-)

Buttons are SUPER fun. I really need to find another one that says, "Your Smoking Makes My Lungs Hurt." I loved that button - but mine broke. I found it at a Flea Market type thing in my hometown, and now, thinking about that table of buttons is making me drool. Some where I have three buttons and each one says "HO." I love buttons.

If you ever find one that says, "Your Smoking Makes My Lungs Hurt," I will pay you top dollar for it!!!

<3 Carla.

I think I'm going to go run around the block to burn off this extra energy. That, or I'll store it and harrass more businesses from my hometown tomorrow. I KNOW I can get more people to say yes if I'm persistent. And what harm does persistence do? NONE.

P.S. Lauren, You're my favorite and we need to hang out more because you crack me up.

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Lauren said...

We do need to hang out more. And that's an order! I've decided that if we got one of those megaphones that they use at pep rallies and run around downtown shouting to buy a button while I flash the pedestrians that we could probably make a lot of money. Think about that. I'm gonna go write my letter to Donny Trump now. ;)

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