Saturday, February 23, 2008


Friday I went to my Great Aunt Emma's funeral. My aunt and uncle were there - I don't see them very often. Actually, I met a great number of relatives on my mom's side that I had never known. That was kind of fun.

Aunt Emma was a ballroom dancer - like me. She danced for years and years and now I know she's up in heaven dancing and looking down on me. She's my Ballroom Dance Angel. Last night when I went to UWMBDA I wore a rose on my lapel in honor of my Angel - Aunt Emma.

Funerals always make me think of my funeral. I came home yesterday and planned mine - at least more than I have in the past. I printed off worksheets and planning guides. And now I wonder if I went a little overboard.

Today I was able to dance for 3.5 hours STRAIGHT. It was so wonderful!!! My feet gave out before my lungs. I have no idea how that happened, but it was wonderful. All I can hope for is another week of feeling so great, and then another week after that. And someday maybe I'll be hoping for another week where I can go and watch, but maybe the dancing will help me enough to keep me healthier longer.

The big news today (besides my dancing success) was that our plane tickets for Italy are BOOKED!!! My Dad, Darin and myself are going to Germany and Italy in JUNE!!! I'm so excited I could cry - my dream of seeing Italy is coming true!!! It's coming TRUE!!!

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