Friday, February 8, 2008

Other Stuff

Today I am going to Target. YAY!!! And my brother is coming to visit! YAY!!!

I have had a request to write about something other than my CF. And to be honest, this is going to take some thinking. I've had some ideas:

* Dancing - but I want to write about how it has helped me with my CF and life...

* Niki - a dear classmate and friend who died four years ago today.

* Dating - I've had some terrible experiences/humorous experiences dating. This could be fun.

I'm currently writing a book about living with my CF, so it's hard to separate my writing from my CF...

I'd also like the anonymous commenter who requested I write about something else reveal who he or she is :-)

I'll think about which one to write about. Maybe all of them.

I've now been to Target and had lots of fun! And I walked all around the store and am still feeling okay! I might take a nap this afternoon so I'll be good when my brother arrives.

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Meredith said...

I think your doing great in what you have been writing about. You have been able to use your blog as a sounding board and a way to vent and not to mention share with others about your experiences. So whatever you choose to write about in the future I'm sure will be fun and interesting but don't feel like you should, after all this is YOUR blog! Stay strong and enjoy your time with your brother.
Meredith/Orlando FL

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