Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Wanna New Doc

My father is the most brilliant person I know. He comforts me when I'm upset, always knows what to say when something is wrong, and loves me unconditionally. I know I got my writing skills and wit from my father, and to tribute him, I'm posting a parody he sent me in an email a couple days ago. He knew I was upset about needing to find a new doc, so he re-wrote "I wanna New Drug" by Hewy Louis and the News, and turned it into "I wanna new doc."

Here's to my dad for cheering me up with "I wanta new doc":

"I wanta new doc
One that listens to me
One that doesn't call me crazy
When we disagree

I wanta new doc
That doesn't call me obsessed
When I know my body better
Than someone without CF

I wanta new doc
that doesn't worry about denial
That helps me get better
Through all the setbacks and trials

I wanta new doc
That cares about me
Not just about being right
Because he's got the MD"

I love you, Dad.

1 comment:

Meredith said...

JUST LOVE IT!!! I loved Huey Lewis and The News, back in the day! What a great dad!!!!

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