Monday, June 16, 2008


So there is a Bidet in our hotel here in Florence. Seriously, why would you need a Bidet? Isn't wiping your ass enough? Do you really have to wash it off and then wipe it again? Isn't that what showering is for? And why are the Europeans so obsessed with the Bidet - It's not like they shower enough in the first place, so why are they so concerned with the cleanliness of their ass? Or is that the point? They don't feel they need to wash their whole bodies very often, as long as the ass is clean.

Anyways, an update on me: I'm feeling better-ish about the dance team thing. I know my teammates don't hate me. Now I have to get over not dancing with them several times a week. Sad.

(I love yoinking internet from the cute American students in the window across the alley - I thought about making a paper airplane with my email address on it and a Thank You For The Internet note... and then Darin said, "Skank." I protested that I never turn down an opportunity to make new friends ;-) ).

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