Friday, June 13, 2008

Traveling To Austria, Europe Day 4

Today we drove... all day. And we drove and drove and drove. From the little town in Germany, to Salzburg, Austria. Then over the Glockenspiele (Grossglockner Hocaplenstrasse)... right, I like to call it the Glockenspiele National park. It was mountainous and wonderful. Fabulously wonderful. Here are some photos (mostly shot out of the car window, so these were the best we got).

A German Circus!

Be Polite. Trendy Sandy is Watching YOU!

The big European soccer tournament is being held by Austria and Switzerland now. So there are signs like this:

Snow! In JUNE!

That's pretty high...

OMG! Empty window boxes??? I think that's a crime here!

My bed in our awesome hotel in this little Austrian hotel. I wish we were here for more than one night.

Okay this was last night at dinner - our last night with the German friends, sadly. LOVE the German friends. I got this sweater as a gift - it is supposed to go over the traditional German dress that I can't spell, and was made by Gerhardt's Aunt. What an AMAZING gift. Oh yeah, and that's my fried apple dessert which was Heavenly.Cables for the Cable buses in Salzburg.

Oh, just another Castle.

Note how white Darin's legs are. Haha.

Darin is the girl. Duh.

This is a Marmot. They are awesome. Unfortunately, after this one committed suicide by throwing himself in front of our car. He left a note saying he is newly divorced, and the wife got custody of the kids, and with the drop in tourism he is out of work and he just couldn't take it anymore, so he ended it all doing what he does best, showing off for tourists. He will be missed.


This is our awesome hotel.
This is the awesome view from the awesome room in our awesome hotel.



P.S. I love you Mom! It was really good to talk to you from on top of the mountain pass (can you believe we got better reception up there than in the rest of Europe? Figures). I miss you and Snowball, and hope you don't get washed away with the rain! Have a good night! I'll update next from Venice!

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