Sunday, June 1, 2008

Calling All Douchebags

"We hurt so many people unintentionally why do we do it on purpose?"

That phrase was spoken to me by my 8th grade teacher, and he told me that a very wise man once told him that. That very wise man was my father. I have always tried to live by that saying. I hate to see anyone get hurt. I have this response to seeing my friends or people I know getting hurt. When I see them getting hurt I go into "overprotective" and "must string up and castrate the bastard" mode.

Since that is how I view things, I don't get guys. Seriously, I don't understand them at all. I know so many guys who have committed unspeakable acts - cheating, lying, lying about the cheating, sexual assaulting a friend of mine, hitting on friends who I view as little sisters (it'd be great if the Dance Triumvirate of Evil would leave the 18-year-old girls alone), and I just want to get rid of them all.

My black list of guys keeps growing - and once you end up on my black list, you can't get off of it. Never. And I'm not afraid to let people know the heinous crimes you have committed against your previous girlfriends/me/my friends/people I don't even know. If you've done it, there's a good chance I'm telling people what you've done.

I do believe in second chances, but I have to see that the person actually cares about changing and most guys just really don't care, because the ones I've been dealing with recently don't even acknowledge they've done anything wrong.

I know I tend to take my own personal action against the guys who piss me off because so little was done about the guy who criminally stalked and sexually harassed me, and maybe this is my way of trying to prevent horrible things from happening to other girls.

If it weren't for Chris and Kyra and Kynan and Janelle I think I would have completely lost my faith that actual nice guys exist - and some of them are even worthy of dating!

And that was my little rant without getting into any specifics about the current douchebag who has been lying to me since... oh, August, and been lying to another girl for years (who he's been dating since, oh three months ago, and denied it to me and kept lying even after I caught him in his lies). Real. Nice. Guy. Makes me want to slam my head on my desk.

I feel so awful for the girl who is still with him because she's so sweet and deserves more than a lying sack of shit.

Oops... did I just talk about that in my blog now? Oh well. He deserves it.

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