Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Most of the posting I'm doing from here in Europe (OMG I LOVE SAYING THAT), is on my other blog (, but while I have the use of free yoinked internet, I plan on updating here a little more.

Right now I am sitting in the hotel room while Darin and Dad went to the museum of science. I got to sleep in until 10:30 this morning!!! Incredible! I'll copy/paste some of my favorite photos so far after I update the other blog for today and yesterday.

<3 Carla

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Ryan said...

I don't really know how all of this works, I've never been a blogger. I'm not even sure if I'm responding to the right post. Uncertainties aside, this is a completely random question. I was in Salzburg about a month and a half ago and saw those "Trendy Sandy" tags all over the place and it has bothering me ever since. I can't really say that I'm genuinely worried about someone who is fashionably adept named Sammy watching me, but I really want to know what the significance of those things are. If you know anything about lemme know, it'd be much appreciated.

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