Thursday, June 5, 2008

Things I Said Today

I was having a really "on" day, and it showed in some things I said. I thought I'd share them here.

"Oooo no one would ever thought to do a FAN in RUMBA! I now see why that's copy-written."

Come on, who copy writes BASIC dance moves when combined into a routine - that's just asinine. I'm having problems with the dance team. I won't write about my plans until the shit really hits the fan (which, knowing me, it will - and it will be shortly after I return from Europe...), but they are big plans one way or the other.

"So I have to work on my issues with my presidential candidate in therapy? Is that so wrong?"

The presidential candidate I now support, was not previously supported by me because his male "sociopathic eyes" bothered me. Now, I support him and what he stands for, I just can't look at his eyes.

"I wanted to let you know what's going on here 'on the home front.'"

I just liked that I used, "On the home front."

"I'm not doing this for my health - it's because I care. Wait, I actually AM doing this for my health."

That was me talking about dance to my father. I was venting frustrations with the team, and wanted to get across the point of how much I love dancing and why I do all this extra work for the dance team - it's because I care. And I used a very cliché phrase, which proved funny. Because I am dancing for my health. I'm dancing to keep using my lungs so I will put off losing them.

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Princess Talana said...

If you're talking about Obama there is nothing sociopathic about his eyes in my opinion... and he's looked directly into mine while he shook my hand.

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