Saturday, September 13, 2008

How I Feel

This is alcohol on fire. Yay.

This is how I feel. No, maybe I feel worse than this. At any rate, if they told me tomorrow I have to go into the hospital, I wouldn't fight them.

I was able to go to UWMBDA tonight. I was able to do my council duties that I have neglected the past week. Now I just have to enter all the members into a database - which should be easy.

I danced a little, but not too much since I am running a fever. And the pain. OW the pain.

Tomorrow I have to go to urgent care to make sure I don't have a bladder/kidney infection. If they tell me I'm not dying, I'll be at dance practice. If they tell me I'm dying, I'll probably still be at dance practice. No time like the present!

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