Monday, September 15, 2008

This Week In Doctors, Take 2

I called my OB/GYN at 8 this morning to see if I could get the elusive "emergency spot." I couldn't. "Today is the Doctor's first day back, and she is unbelievably busy." I'm in an unbelievable amount of pain. Who trumps who.

She trumps me. I got to see the nurse practitioner. She told me that my cervix could look normal. It just happens to be sensitive and so I bleed a lot. Apparently, she touched it and it started to ooze blood. Yes, ooze blood were her words. So basically she told me I'm fine. I said, "What about this unGodly pain I'm in?" Which made her stop and think.

Poke poke poke. Scream scream scream. She says, Well you could have cysts on your ovaries - they can be painful. Or you could have endometriosis. The doctor would need to do surgery to determine that.

So my options are surgery or live with the pain? What the fuck? Are there or aren't there endometrial cells on my cervix? I'm guessing bumping those would cause bleeding too, Genius.
I'm not allowed to talk to anyone else in the medical profession today for fear I may lash out and kill them. I'm going to go read a book to prevent me from killing anyone over this mess of doctors appointments that will tell me nothing and give me no options. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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Jen said...

A good friend of mine has HORRIBLE endometriosis and says that surgery in the only way to diagnose it. A simple pelvic exam isn't enough. I know what pain she goes through so I am sorry if that is what you have I know it isn't fun. :(

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