Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Notes To Self

Notes to self:

1. Chill out. Do not pass out from a panic attack just because it has been almost 24 hours and you haven't heard back from that email...

2. Chill out, I'm sure your friends may still want to hang out with you even though you sent a very scary email to them.

3. Chill out. It was probably pretty obvious anyways that you are sick. They probably don't hate you because you have CF cooties.

4. Chill out. Go finish Journal 23 and you'll feel better. Especially after you start Journal 24. Even if everyone else hates you, your journal doesn't and neither do all those happy episodes of "Mad About You" on the DVR.

5. Chill out. You'll find the three last things you wanted to give as Christmas gifts but got lost when your parents cleaned your room - it got clean, and if you have to improvise other gifts, you will survive. You couldn't have cleaned it without them.

6. Chill the fuck out.

1 comment:

BreathinSteven said...

Yo, Chick... Chill out!!!

You forgot one...

7. Chill out. You're a beautiful and precious soul. You've got more on your plate in life than most do and sometimes the strength to deal with it all seems fleeting -- but it's always nearby... You're an amazing person... Let the world coast for a while -- it was here before you and I, and it will be here long after we're gone... Your true friends will survive your scary emails -- but sometimes they won't know what to do about them... The best ones will know they just need to listen...

You take care, Dancing girl...



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