Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hello All. It's me :-P

I'm still not sure what to write about - other than the fact that I am listening to a COVER of "Witchdoctor" ...and do we know which country it came from? If you guessed the Britain, you were totally right, and totally inSync with my iTunes. I have come across some totally amazing British SHIT. Total and complete musical SHIT, but it is genius in it's own way - like in that Hanson singing "Mmmmbop" kind of way. You just can't turn it off and when it comes on you need to dance.

Thanks to Chris for helping me do some updates to this blog. I'm now using Google Analytics so do me a favor and click on random thing on my site. That, and visit me 40-50 times per day to boost my numbers.

Like I said before, I'm still not sure what to write about, although Sarah Lynn and I had an amazing hour long conversation today. We talked about our AP Language Forgiveness papers - although my mother wouldn't sign the permission slip so that I could write a paper on forgiveness (something about how forgiveness might make me love Jesus) - so I had to interview my grandparents instead of my father. Maybe for the best - the paper was amazing and so was my score. I'm also lucky to have the interview on tape, too. But maybe I will conduct a round of my own forgiveness interviews.

Other than that, my life is routine winter stuff. Like not leaving the house, ever. And being cold.

So here are photos:

Carla's Green Tip: Make your own wrapping paper by reusing that stuff that is slightly thicker than tissue paper. My grandfather sent me something with a ton of it in there, and so I'm being "green." Or you could call it "crafty," but in all honesty, it's really "too cheap to buy wrapping paper."

Happy Two Months, Luca!!! Your Auntie Carla loves you VERY, VERY much! I can't believe how fast you're growing, and that it has only been two months since you were born!

A pretty cute snow bear recently showed up at my house!

Luca during playtime! We're working on holding a rattle :-)

You might call these last two "artsy," but I call them two close-ups of an angel :-)

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